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Electronic Product Design Services

Electronic Product Design System development has become a very crucial process, which needs to consider the long term roadmap for a product as well as the dynamic market. Whether the need is to create a new product or extend an existing product line with new functionality, our team of designers work closely with you right from Concept Development, through Design & Development, Testing and Deployment.

Enventure’s Electronic Design Services are most in demand by OEMs that are looking for high quality System Design, FPGA Design, PCB Layout and allied services that can enable them to accelerate their go-to-market speed, while reducing overall product development costs.

Enventure’s Electronic Product Design Services

  • System Analysis
  • Circuit Diagram Design
  • PCB Layout Design
  • IP Development
  • Integration of IP Cores
  • Reference Board Production
  • Verification and Testing
  • Technical Documentation Support
  • PCB Layout Design
  • PCB re-engineering
  • Design migration from one EDA platform to another
  • Conversion of boards from through hole to SMD
  • CAM Support
  • CAD Library
  • Planning, Specification and Device Selection
  • Core and IP Strategy
  • Design, Coding and Verification (VHDL, Verilog, System)
  • Place-and-Route and Timing Optimization
  • FPGA-Based System Board Design and Debug Capability
  • Concept Validation and FPGA to ASIC Migration
  • Board Support Package (BSP) for different platforms
  • Embedded Application Development
  • BSP (Board Support Packages) development
  • Device Driver Development and application
  • Firmware Development

Enventure develops Reference Designs for new products offered by Semiconductor companies. To know more Click Here


Enventure provides electronic design services to electronics OEMs across USA, Canada and Europe, enabling them to accelerate time-to-market and optimize product development costs.