Medical Device Manufacturers

Accurate data is the foundation of any supply chain improvement program. The healthcare supply chain has several inefficiencies, which in fact provide a huge opportunity to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and GPOs to reduce costs by removing them.

A study by the Coalition of Healthcare eStandards has estimated that about 40% of all invoices have errors, each of which cost $40 to $400 to reconcile and correct. It is estimated that $2bn to $5bn is lost each year by the healthcare industry, due to supply chain information inefficiencies.

Enventure offers customizable services that clean, update, enrich, and consolidate content to optimize supply chain and enable sales improvement. We are the preferred partner to healthcare organizations worldwide, who are looking to energize their supply chain, by leveraging the goldmine of data that resides in their systems.

Our services

•    Master Data Management
•    Taxonomy Development
•    Schema Generation and Mapping
•    Product Data Governance
•    Technology Consulting
•    PIM Software Selection and Implementation
•    Analytics